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Term 2 Jan - Apr 2020
Power Critical Reading and Creative Writing (P1 - P2)

Reading and writing are the two most underrated aspect in the local school curriculum. Yet the skills developed are pertinent and paramount to the academic success of children as early as primary one. To compensate the missing folder at school, we have launched this course to equip our students with the essential skills and techniques, which, with commitment and practice, would induce a love of reading and excel in writing creatively of different styles.

Students are provided with a wide range of reading materials of different genre to practise making prediction, asking question, visualizing and applying strategies to understand a text.

  • to promote 'Literacy' in order to understand, interpret and extract appropriate information, as well as to communicate ideas and information effectively
  • ability to assess writing critically
  • make reading a daily habit



Ms Pat studied English language at York University and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Canada. Upon returning to Hong Kong, Ms Pat started teaching English and Secretarial Studies at the Vocational Training Council. Throughout her career span of over 20 years, she has taught English to local and international students of both primary and secondary levels. 

Ms Pat is committed to meeting students' needs by delivering enjoyable and result-oriented lessons to young learners. 

Instruction: English

Orange Book





Group Size

Target Group




60 mins


5 - 8 students

P1 - P2


PCRCWOM02 2 60 mins 6 5 - 8 students P1 - P2


PCRCWOM03 3 60 mins 6 5 - 8 students P1 - P2


PCRCWOM04 4 60 mins 6 5 - 8 students P1 - P2


PCRCWOM05 5 60 mins 6 5 - 8 students P1 - P2


PCRCWOM06 6 60 mins 6 5 - 8 students P1 - P2


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